ANALYSIS: STOs Replacing ICOs?

The primary difference between the ICO and STOs are that while the former has failed to provide any rights to investors, the latter provides enough rights that are much similar to IPOs. In short, the […]


BANKEX Gets Maltese License to Operate STO

Fintech company BANKEX announced that it had officially registered in Malta. Malta has opened its doors to many blockchain and cryptocurrency-oriented service providers after it signaled its intention to become a global blockchain hub. BANKEX […]


Fintech marketing partners with community managers

Community engagement firm AmaZix has partnered with FinTech marketing company CrowdfundX (CfX) to bring Security Token Offerings (STOs) into the mainstream. CrowdfundX uses insights gained from prior offerings to execute successful and compliant tokenization. AmaZix […]


Ex SpaceX issues stock through an STO

LXDX, the high-speed cryptocurrency exchange founded by a former SpaceX engineer, has announced that it will issue stock through a security token offering (STO). The tokens of LXDX will represent direct ownership in the exchange, […]


Korean Bithumb goes USA

Korean Crypto Exchange Bithumb to Launch Security Token Platform in the U.S. Bithumb has agreed to partner with American fintech company seriesOne. According to a blog post published by seriesOne on November 1, 2018, the […]


California: Tokenising The World

StartEngine, one of the US largest investment crowdfunding platforms, hosted a conference on the future of crypto and securities issued on the blockchain, in Santa Monica, California, this October. StartEngine has created the LDGR Token […]


Malta: New Platform to Launch

Malta is an island often christened the Blockchain Island. Due to its clear tax laws and startups friendly regulations, here at Malta Krypton capital is to launch SECURITonomy new platform for STOs. This platform will […]