security token

Complete Guide to Security Tokens

A mustread to anyone interested in security tokens, but also a perfect link to send to people who ask you, WTF is a security token. The Tokenist explains the basocs of security tokens, their difference […]


BlockVentures Releases

TardifLast week a blockchain startup BlockVentures released, a security token listing platform. The team says it is to be the industry’s first. CEO Antoine Tardif: “ will become the go-to resource for investors […]


Meet tZERO trading system for security tokens

tZERO is developing an alternative trading system (ATS) or dark pool powered by blockchain and distributed ledger technology. tZERO is positioning itself as an alternative to the traditional capital market system tZERO’s security token trading […]


Fintech marketing partners with community managers

Community engagement firm AmaZix has partnered with FinTech marketing company CrowdfundX (CfX) to bring Security Token Offerings (STOs) into the mainstream. CrowdfundX uses insights gained from prior offerings to execute successful and compliant tokenization. AmaZix […]