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Four Outrageous Predictions for Security Tokens in 2020

They are: tokenized securities will overhaul security tokens, first huge sucess in tokenized assets will come from fractionalized ownership of a major tech company, most crypto exchanges will fail to move to tokenized securities, Bitmex will rule the world (the last one we do not share, the first three sound plausible) […]


Predictions 2019: Tokenization of everything

The tokenization of…everything. 1. STO’s (Securities Token Offerings) are currently the hot item that everyone is talking about. And yes, businesses will raise money and issue tokens instead of stock/bond certificates, and we’ll see new […]

security token

10 Predictions for Security Tokens in 2019

Jesus Rodriguez writes often about tokenized securities and where the space is headed. His latest article discusses the future realities for tokenized securities in 2019 based on where the industry has been throughout this year. […]