Blockchain in Marketing

Decentralized technological solutions in marketing capitalise on transparency of ad flows in blockchain based systems, and on content creation in decentralized networks. 1. Influencer Marketing Influencer marketing is plagued with fake followers and made up […]


Top STO Marketing Agencies in 2019

Well thought and well implemented marketing is essential for any new product, let alone a whole new type of products, such as security tokens and tokenized assets. A marketing agency is hard to choose, this list may help […]

Frederik Bussler STA

Security Token Alliance: We Bring Expertise To Members To Create Successful, Compliant Digital Assets

Meet the founder of STA, the world’s largest trade association in digital assets, that unites almost 50 major issuance and compliance platforms, exchanges and custodians, with total turnover in billions of dollars. His analysis on the current defragmentation of the industry and how to overcome it, his views on today and tomorrow of global digital assets. The future is hybrid, he says. More clarity and more projects to come in the near term. Liquidity dream will be realised in the mid term. Who will be clear winners and how the STA can help to win, read in this exclusive interview. […]


Fintech marketing partners with community managers

Community engagement firm AmaZix has partnered with FinTech marketing company CrowdfundX (CfX) to bring Security Token Offerings (STOs) into the mainstream. CrowdfundX uses insights gained from prior offerings to execute successful and compliant tokenization. AmaZix […]