DigiShares STO Platform Now Operational

DigiShares can finally demonstrate an operational software platform for Security Token Offerings. The platform is now undergoing final testing but can be showcased to interested parties. The platform handles the issuance and ongoing management of […]


Here Are The Main Actors in Security Tokens

All major companies in tokenization broken down into their respective fields, with locations, sorted by funds raised: Security Token Issuance Platforms: Polymath, Barbados — $58,700,000 Harbor, San Francisco — $38,000,000 BankEx, New York — $30,000,000 […]


Security Token Issuance Set To Rise

Boards of listed companies are already discussing the possibility of issuing security tokens according to Henry James, deputy chief executive and co-founder of Fincross International, a new digital and fintech investment bank. Fincross was launched […]