PwC: STOs Perform Better Than ICOs

PwC’s global consulting subsidiary Strategy& suggests that the Security token offerings (STO) have been gaining more traction than the initial coin offerings (ICO), in its fourth ICO and STO report that was developed in collaboration […]


STO Model Is Not An ICO 2.0

A security token offering is when an investor receives a security token (also referred to as a tokenized security) in exchange for payment. The security token offering should be registered with the relevant authorities and […]


STOs Look to Become ICO 2.0

Initial coin offerings are in the crosshairs of legislation globally. Most of the time, the legislation has negative consequences for ICOs. As a result, some projects are moving into the STO space. Security Token Offerings […]


ANALYSIS: STOs Replacing ICOs?

The primary difference between the ICO and STOs are that while the former has failed to provide any rights to investors, the latter provides enough rights that are much similar to IPOs. In short, the […]