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OuroX Launches First STO for Latin America

OuroX, currently conducting a Reg CF raise on StartEngine on the ERC-1450 smart contract, announces its FinTech Platform for Latin America and the Caribbean. The platform is scheduled to roll-out February, 1st 2019, followed by […]


Are Security Tokens the Third Wave in Fintech?

Jack Chia, MD of Cryptology: For securities trading, the benefits in application of blockchain technologies display in three areas: circulation and liquidity, versatility and security, and securitisation of new assets. Circulation and liquidity The current […]


Fintech marketing partners with community managers

Community engagement firm AmaZix has partnered with FinTech marketing company CrowdfundX (CfX) to bring Security Token Offerings (STOs) into the mainstream. CrowdfundX uses insights gained from prior offerings to execute successful and compliant tokenization. AmaZix […]