Value of Humans Tested on Blockchain

REsearchers run a prototype of blockchain on the island of Aneityum. This developing region has limited formal education but has access to cell phones, making them a prime field-study spot for the system’s intuitive, icon-driven interface. […]


Australia’s First End-to-End STO Platform Launched

Australia’s leading crypto- and blockchain-related educational platform and consultancy, Nugget’s News, partner with security tokenization startup Konkrete to launch the country’s first end-to-end solution for security token offerings (STOs). The partnership with Konkrete provides Australian […]


Fintech marketing partners with community managers

Community engagement firm AmaZix has partnered with FinTech marketing company CrowdfundX (CfX) to bring Security Token Offerings (STOs) into the mainstream. CrowdfundX uses insights gained from prior offerings to execute successful and compliant tokenization. AmaZix […]