Exclusive: Why EOS for Financial Securities

Recently, we reported on creation of the Financial Securities Protocol on EOS, a truly revolutional development in the infrastructure for digital assets. Ed Silantyev, the FSP creator, exclusively to Security Token Newspaper, explains why he […]


India Releases Guidelines for Tokenization

The Reserve Bank of India, the central banking institution of the country, has released guidelines for what it calls the “tokenization” of debit and credit card transactions, according to reports. Tokenization will replace card details […]


EZPack Water Initiates Israel’s First STO

EZPack Water Inc., an Israeli manufacturer of water storage and distribution systems, has adopted InPortal’s INPR digital security token protocol as part of its stacked capital structure. New investors and Convertible Note holders into the […]


SEFtoken to Host STO

SEFtoken has announced their intention to host an upcoming Digital Security Offering (DSO). The company is undergoing this fundraising to continue the development of their Licensed Exchange Infrastructure. Securitize – a market leading end-to-end issuance […]