Equisafe and Lemon Way join forces to democratize and secure financial securities investment

Paris, Friday April 10th, 2020 – Equisafe, the platform for financial asset tokenization and digital investment based on blockchain technology, and Lemon Way, FinTech’s payment expert for marketplaces, have become strategic partners to democratize and secure settlement, exchange and investment process for financial securities circulating via blockchain.

Where traditional finance, payment ecosystem and blockchain meet

Most of the solutions currently offered for investments in unlisted financial securities do not allow for immediate, automated and secure settlement. Moreover, the friction points in the unlisted universe are significant and present operational and liquidity risks due to the stacking of investment and payment intermediaries that do not interact on a single platform. By offering a unique solution in France and Europe, enabling the issuance of financial securities, their exchange and payment in a totally secure and regulatory compliant environment on a single interface, Equisafe and Lemon Way contribute together to the creation of a new generation of market infrastructures. 

The partnership between Equisafe and Lemon Way is three-fold: 

  1. KYC technology: Equisafe relies on the “KYC” (Know Your Customer) service and technology of Lemon Way. KYC technology enables the automated processing of the platform’s user identity verification processes (individuals and legal entities) as well as ensuring the source of funds by relying on the joint resources of Lemon Way and Equisafe. 
  2. LCB-FT expertise: Lemon Way’s expertise and “LCB-FT” procedures (fight against money laundering and terrorist financing) ensure strict compliance with the legal and regulatory framework in force.
  3. Automated and immediate settlement in state currency: any investor wishing to acquire unlisted financial securities can use the Equisafe platform to settle in any type of state currency (dollars, euros, pounds sterling, etc.) during transactions, whether payment is made by card (Visa, MasterCard and soon American Express) or by bank transfer. The strategic partnership between Equisafe and Lemonway also offers the possibility of opening payment accounts and perhaps tomorrow generating an Equisafe blue card for its dividends.

Thus, this collaboration creates a bridge between traditional finance, payment ecosystem and so-called decentralized finance. In fact, this partnership responds to a twofold issue: securing both the investment in financial securities and the associated payment flows by involving Equisafe as a Lemon Way payment service provider agent. This is a further step towards the democratization of investment and blockchain technology, legally referred to as “DEEP” (Dispositif d’Enregistrement Électronique Partagé (Shared Electronic Recording Device)) since Order no. 2017-1674 of December 8, 2017.

Tokenization of financial securities, a possible response to corona crisis

By “tokenizing” financial securities, in accordance with current regulations, Equisafe’s mission is to make investing easier for everyone. In an uncertain economic context brought by the coronavirus, tokenization is one of the answers to the challenges of modernizing and making financial infrastructures more resilient. In addition, by tokenizing financial securities and therefore making the processes of issuing, exchanging and paying for securities more fluid, the fund-raising processes that will make it possible to support entrepreneurs during this crisis are optimized and made more accessible. 

Moreover, the automated, secured and traceable management of securities and shareholder registers allows a better decimalisation of capital. Specifically, this results in less exposure for potential investors, who see this as a powerful tool to minimise their risk while appealing to collective solidarity. 

“The unprecedented period we are going through and the resulting economic uncertainties require us to make our investments and payments more secure. We are convinced that, alongside Lemon Way, the blockchain solution we are providing will enable a simplified, modern solution to establish a healthy development of unlisted financial markets,” said Bilal El Alamy, President of Equisafe.

“We are delighted with this partnership with Equisafe, which brings us even closer to the blockchain universe, which will be used more and more frequently due to its obvious technological advantages. In addition, the Lemon Way technology allows them to guarantee secure and regulatory compliant payments. This is essential in these uncertain times and will be even more so in preparing for the future,” said Antoine Orsini, CEO of Lemon Way.

“I am convinced that the response to the challenges of implementing an ambitious digital strategy for Europe requires a more collaborative approach between traditional financial players and Fintechs. The highly innovative partnership between Equisafe and Lemon Way ensures a DVP settlement process for financial securities in a single secure and legally compliant environment. I am delighted and honoured to have contributed to the conclusion of this partnership validated by the Autorité de contrôle prudentiel et de résolution (“ACPR”), one of the first of its kind in France and in the Union” said Karima Lachgar, lawyer at the Hauts de Seine Bar and co-founder of EuroNomίa Conseil 

About Equisafe:

Equisafe is a digital investment platform whose mission is to make financial instruments liquid and accessible to as many people as possible. Created in 2019, in June of the same year the platform completed the first real estate sale via the Blockchain in Europe (also known as the “AnnA transaction”).

About Lemon Way 

Lemon Way offers payment solutions dedicated to marketplaces and participatory financing platforms requiring payment and fundraising services on behalf of third parties in a secure and regulated framework (KYC, anti-fraud…). Lemon Way obtained the Payment Institution license in 2012 from the ACPR – Banque de France and benefits from the “financial passport” in 29 countries. FinTech is based in Paris (head office), London, Madrid, Milan and employs 85 people of 16 different nationalities.

About EuroNomίa Consulting

EuroNomia Conseil is a consulting company co-founded by Karima Lachgar. Karima Lachgar is a lawyer at the Hauts de Seine Bar (CAPA 2016), specialized in banking and financial regulation since 2005, innovation and digital transformation strategies (IHEIE-Paris Mines Tech). After serving as General Delegate of the AFTI (French Association of Securities Professionals), Karima Lachgar created and developed within a large business law firm the blockchain/cryptoactive and regulatory intelligence practices.

Karima Lachgar now works through EuroNomίa Conseil, a consulting firm she co-founded, with a varied clientele (regulated players, start-ups, authorities…) and assists them in all aspects of their sustainable and digital transformation strategies.

Press contact :

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Equisafe: alban.saintjoigny@dentsuaegis.com / 07 81 44 32 98

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