Digital Avocados: We Delivered 3.2 Billion Social Impressions With Blockchain

Blockchain is now in full scale employed by global advertisers. Digital Avocados campaign at the US Super Bowl got 2 billion impressions before the game even started. Digital Asset Live Editor-in-Chief talked to the person behind this campaign, Ivonne Kinser, Head of Digital Marketing at Avocados from Mexico. She has launched blockchain based Vatom tokens into the Super Bowl.

Q1: How do your Vatom tokens work exactly, do fans buy them, and what do they receive?

A1: These smart media objects are like traditional objects – finite (not infinite), collectible, and can have a specific value assigned to them.

The difference is that they live in the digital world and are programmable to create whatever experience we can envision.

Smart Media Objects take some of the best features of both proprietary websites and mobile apps, such as gamification, and combine those benefits in an accessible way, without the need to download a new app.

Q2: Did anybody win the big prize already?


Q3: Why did you choose to operate with a non-fungible token?

A3: We’re aware that we are the smallest player in the sandbox with the giants of advertising. So we really needed to be very agile and creative and come up with something very disruptive to break through the tick clutter of the Super Bowl digital conversation. And it worked based on the breakthrough results.

Here’s salesforce results of the brands that dominated the conversation.

We delivered 3.2 BILLION of social impressions.

Q4: Which blockchain platform did you use and why?

A4: We use the Vatoms Wallet. We partnered with Reeve Collins, co-founder of Vatom Labs, a platform for the creation and distribution of blockchain-based objects called Vatoms. Reeve is also the co-founder the blockchain cryptocurrency Tether. He was with us on the planning table all along as we concept this campaign.

Q5: How do you want to develop the project further?

A5: This is the beginning of our loyalty program. Users already have the digital avocados that they collected during our Super Bowl campaign. Those digital objects also called Vatoms, don’t lose their value after the campaign is over and users get to keep their Vatoms wallet with our “avocado currency” in it. In the future, they will be able to use them to participate in other campaigns and trade them, or use them to obtain benefits.

We don’t have the detail of the future campaigns defined yet, but we continue to work with our partners at Vatoms and with our agencies Lerma and 270B in Dallas to concept another breakthrough blockchain activation to continuing growing our loyalty program.

Q6: What other opportunities do you see for DLTs in fan engagement?

A6: We are actually exploring those opportunities as we speak. We will continue through this path, but want to continue pushing forward and pushing the envelop to integrate blockchain into advertising in ways that have never done before.

Q7: Was the advertizer happy with the tokens?

A7: Very happy. We dropped hundreds of digital avocados in stores of the largest retailer (which I can’t name because we don’t have an official partnership for this campaign), and consumers would contact us constantly via social media each time they went for more avocados and could not finds them. Then we would drop some more. The system worked sort of like a digital avocados vending machine that will drop more when the location ran out of digital avocados.