Taklimakan: You Will See Features Not Yet Available On Any Other Social Network

While Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook is being grilled by the US Congress on data privacy scandals, new, decentralized networks arise, they do not take away and sell your data to advertisers. Digital Asset Live Editor-in-Chief talked to Raship Yussup, an ethereum based social network, called Taklimakan.

Q1: How would you explain to a newbie the difference between a traditional social network and a decentralized social network? What are the benefits of a decentralized social network for a user?

A1: A decentralized social network allows users to manage services by the platform, such as communication, publications, search, financial transactions and much more, with no control by an authority, as is the case in the traditional (centralized) social networks.

The main and very important differences between decentralized sites and centralized ones lie in confidentiality, security and data management. In these three areas, a decentralized social network outperforms a traditional one.

Today, internet users face a challenge to maintain personal data in private and secure modes. They cannot go on and do not want to provide their personal data to the existing platforms, especially to unicorns.

Q2: Now, can you please explain this difference to a developer?

A2: In decentralization, data is distributed throughout the network, and terminal encryption technologies are used to limit access to them.

Blockchain does not have a centralized storage, and all data is distributed between nodes in a network, whereas in centralized systems data presents a single body stored in one place. To gain access to the data, you need to connect to a server.

Q3: There have been quite a few attempts to launch a decentralized social network. Diaspora, Minds, Mastodon etc. However, they have not yet managed to attract a large number of users, even larger projects in your area, such as Diaspora, have only a couple of million users. How is your project going to address this problem?

A3: We plan to come to full decentralization in several stages in order to gradually make our audience get used to new standards. It is no secret that people are afraid of anything new, have difficulties to understand innovations, and often prefer to use what they are already used to.

We have a clear understanding, and strategically in this project we believe it is the right move to initially release a platform close in functions and interfaces to current standards.

We will then introduce more new solutions, promoting them not only among the crypto community. For example, at the moment, we use the blockchain mainly to make and to approve transactions in the payment system between users of the platform.

We plan to add digital signatures to the messages and place publications by users onto a blockchain, to enter them into the decentralised ledger. We will then start to transfer data to the blockchain, and at a later stage, we will complete decentralization, adding artificial intelligence. Hence, when users will register to use the platform, they will see the usual functions, plus a number of additional tools. However, they will also find features not yet available in any social network.

Q4: How many users do you want to attract in the first three years of operation? What will they be able to do on Taklimakan network?

A4: We strive for the maximum and for a sound development, 3-5M users will be enough at the first stage.

The functionality of the first version targets, to a large extent, the crypto community. It means that a user may post content in the following areas: trading signals, trading strategies, market analytics, blockchain analytics projects, blogs on various topics, educational courses and lectures.

You may monetize your content, increase your rating and obtain a top grade with a certain rank. Further, there is a standard functionality of the social network and messenger. Also, there are tools that stems from the cryptocurrency market: statistics, indices, matrices, charts that you can use when making investment decisions. But we plan to expand the functionality and adapt the project for any online user who will employ cryptocurrency sooner or later.

Q5: What is your target audience?

A5: The entire crypto community, bloggers, traders, analysts, investors, startups, developers, enthusiasts, as well as all the people who want to enter the crypto industry.

Q6: What content do you hope to receive?

A6: The rich diversity of blockchain related topics. I would like to see useful and professional content by users. It will contribute to the rapid growth of the entire community, both in a quantitative sense and in terms of literacy.

Q7: What makes Taklimakan different from other decentralized social networks?

A7: Taklimakan combines everything necessary to owners of cryptocurrencies. The platform is understandable, easy to use and at the same time multifunctional. Our concept does not limit the project, it targets a multifaceted expansion and development of the company as a whole. In a year, we may not recognise the project as it is now, it will change radically, for the better.