Blockchain Smartphone: Dreams and Reality

The Dream

One would assume, an idea behind a blockchain smartphone would be to give people back control of their data and end the explwoitation and monetisation of people’s private lives by the likes of Facebook and Google.

The dream would be to get rid of service providers by p2p voice and data transfer on blockchain network. This dream is still just around the corner.

The reality

A modern blockchain smartphone has a built-in hardware wallet to store various types of digital information. Mostly used to hold cryptocurrency private keys.

Blockchain smartphones typically come with built in MetaMask app for Ethereum dapps.

Basic crypto related built in functionality:

  • Send and earn crypto
  • Store non-fungible tokens, such as diplomas for courses, but currently Cryptokitties
  • Create own private keys for your groups. Private key will only work if all (unless otherwise determined) agree to disclose the info or take any other action.
  • Trustless distributed gambling apps.
  • Extra-censorship resistant communication. On blockchain it cannot be feasibly censored or removed.

These makes claim to be blockchain smartphones:

$900 Samsung Galaxy S10 (has built-in cold wallet, keys backed up at Samsung servers (what?), only ETH and ERC token.

$699 HTC Exodus One – social key recovery, ZION hardware wallet, dapps access, private keys stored directly on the phone, if you loose your phone, you loose your crypto funds, HTC does not hold any keys in any central location at any time, a designated part of its ARM chip called TrustZone.

$999 Sirin Labs Finney – advanced security features, built in cryptocurrency exchange, wide dapps access, cold storage crypto wallet but only for BTC, ETH and oen coin, p2p data sharing

Pundi Xphone (price varies) – each phone is a node, together they form blockchain

$80 Electroneum M1 – cheap, for emerging economies, each phone is a node on Electroneum blockchain, every phone can mine Electroneum. There are persistent reoorts of scams that originate there, the whole thing is built on emotions and belief rather then reality. Original electroneum network was a mock network for mobile mining that many believed was real.


Samsung revealed partnerships with several blockchain projects, including beauty services dapqp Cosmee and Enjin, a blockchain-based gaming platform.

HTC announced that it has partnered with browser maker Opera to make it easier for people to use crypto, whether for making micropayments on websites or for using dapps, to protect privacy and identity.


Hefty prices

Limited implementation of blockchain technology, as service providers are still here, control of data is not given back to users.