Deathcare on Blockchain

Blockchain is the most disruptive technology in our life. But what about our death? You won’t believe till you read this interview through, but blockchain has arrived there as well. Fully customizable blockchain-based funerals is the service Global Funeral Care provides. Our Editor-in-Chief talks to their COO, Laurence Diederich:

Q1: Sir, you provide a blockchain-based platform that enables fully customized funerals. How exactly does it work?

How It Works (Customers).

Customers need to download the Global Funeral Care application or visit the browser version. Once they access the application they need to:
• Create an account.
• Choose if they want to pre-plan a funeral or book a funeral for someone else.
• Choose the products and services he/she wants to book or purchase.
• Select a payment method. In addition, customers can select prepaid plans,
insurance plans, or plans from government agencies, if applicable.

Customers can track their planned funeral price in real time on their phone, tablet, and smartwatch.

They can:

Select in which currency the price should be displayed. The customer can select any fiat currency or cryptocurrency that can be used to pay for products and services on the Global Funeral Care platform.

Track the total price of their planned funeral in real time as soon as products and services are selected by the customer.
Track the price of each product and service separately.

Funeral homes have to select with which product and service providers they want to cooperate. They will receive quotations from customers when a customer places a request to plan a funeral. Companies can convert GFCS coins to fiat currencies and the other way around.

Q2: Please elaborate on your current customer base. Numbers, basic demographics?

We start our referral program on July 29, 2019. We aim to onboard the first 250,000 users with out referral program.

Q3: Is your customer base growing steady, or people react to major political events or trends? Do you see any correlation there?

The customer base growth is correlated with marketing efforts of Global Funeral Care.

Q4: A bit of update on the tech behind it, to the extent you may. Which proof does your blockchain employ?

GFCS is proof of stake cryptocurrency joined by Masternodes. The GFCS currency is using the same technology as Dash but with a significant restructured algorithm. The GFCS Masternode network is specifically designed for the global funeral industry. Masternodes perform important network functions and receive a part of the block rewards. The Masternodes serve the GFCS infrastructure by stabilizing coin supply, processing transactions, and securing the network. Advantages of Proof of Stake include security, decentralization, and energy efficiency. A GFCS holder holding 60,000 GFCS ore more can set up a Masternode.

Q5: What digital rights related to deceased do their family gets, if there is no dedicated testimony? Please describe separately the legal side to transactions at your platform.

Global Funeral Care only provides the services booked on the Global Funeral Care Platform. We will integrate SHIP (a protocol developed by our partner Safe Haven) to provide inheritance services.

Q6: What new products are in development if any?

The platform described in question 1.

Q7: What new products related to your core activity are not here yet? What is to come?

The platform described in question 1 will be our first product. Step 2 is to integrate SHIP.