Comment: Tokenization in Real Estate in Europe Takes Lead

Bilal El Alamy, Equisafe CEO comments on the current hit wave of major tokenization projects this summer 2019 across the EU:

Bilal El Alamy, Equisafe CEO

Upmarket Mansion To Be Sold for Tokens €6.5 A Piece

An upmarket property in western Paris is to be tokenized on the Ethereum blockchain and sold for €6.5M. It is called The AnnA villa, it is located in Boulogne-Billancourt. The project is managed by Equisafe. […]

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A lot had happened since Equisafe showed the way in Europe with a €6,5M deal of a 200 years old Mansion in Paris completed on the 25th of June 2019.A tokenisation which was done live in front of 182 peoples within the Mansion.

Shortly followed, Mata Capital, in France as well, has announced a blockchain-based fund administration platform with an estimated first deal size, yet to be completed, up to 26M.

Germany follows closely as the regulator has authorised his second prospectus! After BitBond, A 250M UCITS for Real Estate handled by FundamentGroup will soon launch his sale.Finally, PropertyToken & Tokeny has announced the completion of a deal in Luxembourg.

The interest is here because 7 European out of 10 prefers to invest in Real Estate than any other asset. Europeans are known to be risk averse. This makes Real Estate tokenization at the for front of the digitisation of securities. Even though it’s know to be a highly conservative industry,

Actors are starting to be irritated with the high intermediation which slow the transaction process. New uses are being democratize, like co-working, why not easier Co-ownership then?

Anyway, all ingredients for a good overhaul of the model is in motion. In the contrary, in the US, which less risk averse, has seen multiple use case in VC funds. So those news are very exciting and encouraging, I look forward the next use cases.

Equisafe: Full Sale of Title Deed Through Blockchain

“30 minutes from account creation to Digital Securities Issuance. 1 minute to swap the securities to investors”, says Bilal El Alamy, Equisafe CEO […]

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