European-Regulated Exchange Will Offer Tokenized Shares Of Major Stocks Next Week

Europeans will soon be able to obtain and trade tokenized shares of Tesla, Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Netflix, and other major stocks thanks to the DX.Exchange. Slated for release next week, the security token exchange will open with the top 10 traded stocks on the Nasdaq first before expanding.

DX.Exchange: We See Good Pick Up Volume In Digital Stock

Tokenization of Amazon, Facebook, Google and Tesla stock by DX.Exchange rocked the world of traditional finance. Where will the next revolution come from? Daniel Skowronski, DX-Exchange CEO, elaborates in an exclusive interview with our Chief […]

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Traders on DX.Exchange will be able to purchase tokenized shares of Amazon, for example, with either fiat or certain cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Each tokenized share is backed by the real share of a given company. The tokenized stock will be represented on the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC-20.

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