Intel Co-Sponsors Simplified Blockchain Development

Intel, global giant in computer hardware, has co-sponsored a new Hyperledger project, released in late June, to simplify blockchain programming.

Michael Reed, Intel
Blockchain Programme Director

Michael J. Reed, Intel’s blockchain program director in an interview with Forbes:

“Our main objective in our work with the blockchain sector is to ensure that this new workload, that is blockchain and the leading solutions in the blockchain sector, run well on Intel silicon.”

Reed explained that Intel has several major directions in its blockchain endeavors, one being involvement with blockchain developers, to develop open-source software. The other one, according to Reed is “to find requirements or standards for blockchain developers, in consortiums like the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance and Hyperledger.”

Here Reed refers to a project by Hyperledger called Transact. Its goal is to provide a way for programmers to work with blockchains in a more universal way that is more readily compatible. Transact promises a common way to program blockchains by introduction of “an extensible transaction layer”.

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