First Blockchain Bank Opens A One Stop Shop To Issue Security Tokens

Mt Pelerin, a Swiss company with focus in blockchain banking, launches a one-stop shop service to help businesses fundraise with security tokens.

Security tokens incorporate equity or bonds in a digital format to be offered to pottential investors directly. Here Mt Pelerin intends to provide support in the technical, financial and compliance aspects.

Mt Pelerin created and sold the first tokenized share of their own in October 2018. This token provides direct ownership of the Mt Pelerin Group SA. The company achieved the sale of 5% of its own equity directly to hundreds of investors worldwide and raised $2.15M.

Mt Pelerin looks into obtaining a banking license in Switzerland, with the ambition to become a fully licensed bank in 2020. The firm will provide a fund-raising tool that will enable the public to participate in the funding of companies directly. Companies may be also interested to find public their first potential customers among investors, says Arnaud Salomon, the founder and CEO of Mt Pelerin (photo):

“We are able to conduct KYC/AML on behalf of our clients and offer fiat escrow accounts. A unique level of service in the blockchain space that companies would normally need to get from several expensive specialists, while we provide first-class expertise and due diligence in a single place.”

The package of services that Mt Pelerin offers as the one stop shop service includes:

  • KYC/AML processing of investors
  • Fiat funds collection through escrow accounts
  • Currency exchange
  • Legal support
  • Security token setup
  • Smart contracts
  • Configuration of compliance
  • Interfaces to an issuer and a contributor

Mt Pelering is a member of the Capital Markets and Technology Association (CMTA) alongside industry heavyweights such as Pictet, Swissquote, Temenos, UBP and the law firm Lenz & Staehelin. Mt Pelerin contributes to the association on tokenization aspects.