Securitize Opens Its Code To Public

Securitize, on of the world’s leading issuance platforms, has made its DS Token code open source. Now, developers in any country can test and advance the platform’s core coding.

Carlos Domingo, Securitize CEO, is sure this decision opens many doors for the company. His vision focuses distributed applications, Dapps, that developers from now on will be able to create and test based on the firm’s Digital Securities Protocol (DS).

For now, most tokens launched are based on various version of the ERC-20 protocol at the Ethereum blockchain. However Securitize wants to capture some markert share, hence it added functionality that Dapp developers will employ.

The newly released coding includes five main interfaces in which developers can interact, test, and build on the coding:

  1. DSServiceConsumerInterface (enables the components to interact in a seamless fashion)
  2. DSTokenInterface (the actual token protocol)
  3. DSTrustServiceInterface (here developers can assign trust roles in the context of the DS token)
  4. DSRegistryServicesInterface (to define the Registry Service of the tokens).
  5. DSComplianceServiceInterface (here tokens are able to continually check to ensure compliance throughout its lifecycle).

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