Mongolian Mining Firm Does A Pre-STO


Blue Hill Foundation launches a special STO for early investors. The pre-STO will issue security tokens, similar to shares of Blue Hill Mining.

The Blue Hill Mine is located in South Eastern Mongolia. Proven are the largest copper reserves in Asia, as well large reserves of nickel, gold, and cobalt. So far only 10% of the entire area has been encompassed with geological exploration.

The Blue Hill Foundation is now entering the fundraising phase of mining of their project and looks to STOs as means of funding. The firm intends to employ blockchain via a Swiss-regulated STO.

The Foundation will offer BHF tokens which will be redeemable 1-for-1 for BHM tokens following the Blue Hill Mining STO. When the BHM token reaches $30 price tag, they will be bought back and listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

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