Ethereum Blockchain Solution For Organic Hemp Launched

Verified Organic in partnership with Treum started a project to track organic hemp production for CBD from seed to sale, on the Ethereum blockchain. Treum is a supply chain platform backed by ConsenSys.

Treum developed the Verified Organic Web platform for managers and the mobile application that works online and offline for farmers. CBD managers can use the web-enabled blockchain platform to register organic certificates and manage assets like seeds, crops, fields, fertiliser, pesticide, and equipment.

Data is then cryptographically hashed to the public Ethereum blockchain. Due to the immutable and distributed nature of blockchains, users can view and trust the claims about the hemp or resulting CBD oil, from seed to sale. Each step of the farming process recorded in the mobile application has additional documentation tagged to it including paid invoices, COA’s, third party lab tests, and additional certifications.

Jenny Vatrenko, Verified Organic’s President:

“The Treum team’s hard work in building an exceptionally intuitive application ensured that we went live without a hitch. And now the very first hemp crop planted in Arizona.”

Jeff Dreyer, Integrated CBD’s COO:

“The CBD market is expanding rapidly, and we are looking forward to providing our customers with the highest quality, sustainably grown products available.”

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