Distribute Blockchain Conference To Start in Hamburg

The upcoming Distribute Blockchain conference underway from June 27-28, 2019 in Hamburg’s Bucerius Law School promises real use cases and hands-on projects instead of marketing jargon. Speakers from the energy, mobility, logistics & supply chain management sectors as well as finance and Internet of Things will present their latest applications. Martin Würmli, Head of Administration in Zug, Switzlerand will outline experiences with Crypto Valley after the city become the first urban administration to accept bitcoins. Other topics on the agenda include General Data Protection Regulation, taxation and regulation as well as Security Token Offerings (STO). A special theme will give greater insight into blockchain and artificial intelligence. The Distribute 2019 marks the start of the Blockchain Summer, which features a series of events on Distributed Ledger Technologies in Hamburg.

Day 1 – token economics

Organisers are expecting some 800 delegates at the two-day conference. These include potential users from corporations and mid-sized companies, start-ups, suppliers in the IT sector, investors and other interested parties. Events on the first day (June 27) will focus on Token Economics. Although coins are independent crypto currencies, tokens are more of a digital asset than currency or means of payment. Lennart Ante, research associate at the University of Hamburg and co-founder of the Blockchain Research Lab, will present the latest findings on “Germany as crypto land”. Apart from Würmli, other keynote speakers on the first day include Arnab Naskar, legal engineer, blockchain analyst and *co-founder of SICOS and STOKR, a crowd-investment platform for security tokens issued on the Ethereum blockchain and is involved in various policy initiatives in the European region.

Day 2 – industrial solutions with numerous use cases

The second day of the conference will be dedicated to Industrial Solutions with numerous applications. Andreas Rieckhoff, CIO/CTO and co-founder of Enyway, will talk about “Blockchain for future – making energy systems yourself”. The Hamburg-based company operates an online marketplace for environment-friendly electricity from the producer. Blockchain technology aims to let citizens take part in the energy transition. Christian Schultze-Wolters, who oversees IBM’s Blockchain Solution business unit in the German-speaking countries, will also outline concrete use cases.

Blockchain Competence Center’s strong network

The Distribute Conference counts among Germany’s key blockchain conferences. Initiated by the Blockchain Competence Center in Hamburg in 2017, it is backed by a network of movers and shakers and research institutions. The independent think-tank and networking hub investigates the potential of distributed ledger technologies and fosters their development.

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