IBM Presents Enterprise Blockchain 2.0

Dr Jerry Cuomo, IBM Fellow and VP Blockchain Technology (photo) presented IBM’s vision of the upgrade as a “fully-flexible blockchain platform, built around a well-managed open source distributed ledger technology, that can truly run in virtually any computing infrastructure.”

The platform will allow clients to deploy to public clouds, including IBM Cloud, AWS and Azure, and to private clouds, including LinuxOne. App management is now supported as well.

IBM Blockchain Platform has the ability to deploy blockchain components only where and when they are required. Users will have complete control of identities, ledger and smart contracts.

The new pricing model allows corporate clients to “start small,” paying just for the services they use, with increasing payments along the scale.

Until now, IBM offered a single “high value” blockchain service to enterprises at a premium rate. But this has been replaced with a “pay as you grow model,” meaning companies will be to access more basic tools appropriate to their size and business model. It also suggests most major enterprises are nowhere near full-scale adoption.

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