Hewlett Packard To Install Blockchain In Cars, Planes, Hotels

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has somewhat quietly developed own enterprise blockchain solution and is now offering it to corporate clients. HPE, founded in 2015, is the Lab of the 80-year-old information technology company.

HPE’s blockchain includes Mission Critical Distributed Ledger Technology that allows customers to execute distributed ledger workloads in environments with 100 percent fault tolerance. The solution is fully scalable. In the package are HPE Pointnext, a workshop, proof of value, and implementation services for blockchain to help businesses define their use cases, as well as design and test potential solutions in order to maintain ‘operational excellence.’

HPE has partnered with Continental, the famous car manufacturer to place vehicle data on the blockchain in its Data Monetization Platform (DMP).

HPE’s blockchain targets many sectors, fintech, automakers, and airlines. The Mission Critical Distributed Ledger Technology is based on R3 Corda and can be deployed on-site, in the cloud or in a hybrid environment.

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