Swiss Firm To Build An Entire Bank On Blockchain

Mt Pelerin first built an open-source, compliance-focused tokenization framework. It was the first step in creating a modular and durable solution to issue financial assets on Ethereum.

Now, Mt Pelerin has taken the next significant step forward on its path towards open finance with the announcement of its one-stop shop tokenization services to supplement the open-source tokenization framework.

Arnaud Salomon, MT Pelerin Founder and CEO (photo):

Our protocol is the best candidate to establish a tokenization standard.

Many financial institutions have relied on permissioned blockchains so far when it comes to experimenting with digital assets, meaning closed systems where banks would remain the gatekeepers.

However, as more research and effort is conducted in the space, banks realize that open financial systems, just like the open and early permissionless Internet, may be unstoppable and in fact attractive.

Hence, the goal of Mt Pelerin is to build all the financial products and instruments offered by a traditional bank on a chain, completely open-source and available to everyone.

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