19-Year-Old Unifies The Security Token Industry

Security tokens are currently a widely misunderstood concept. Many believe, it is another kind of cryptocurrency. Some think, it is an evolution from utility tokens, created to evade regulators. In reality, security tokens are indeed an evolution but to traditional financial instruments, and they have to comply with traditional regulations.

Hence, the industry of tokenized assets experiences barriers to mass adoption: regulatory uncertainty and a lack of trust in the technology. In result, the current state of the industry is a fragmented ecosystem in its infancy.

Traditionally, bodies to overcome these issues are trade associations. The leading association in tokenization is the Security Token Alliance. It boasts over 42 partners, primarily in the US, Europe, and Asia.

STA is led by Frederik Bussler (photo), a 19-Year-Old German-American who is also leading the World Data Science Forum and bitgrit, an AI company, in Japan, as well as serving on several advisory boards.

As a public speaker, he’s presented for audiences including IBM, Nikkei, and Slush Tokyo. Previously, he’s worked across a variety of verticals in the blockchain industry, including for Maven 11 Capital, a blockchain investment fund.

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