Five Questions on Blockchain Posed To US Fed

The research organization Data Foundation and IT firm Booz Allen Hamilton have authored a report with five proposed questions to guide the United States federal government on where and how to implement blockchain initiatives.

Their research was published in the report “Bringing Blockchain Into Government: A Path Forward for Creating Effective Federal Blockchain Initiatives”.

The report lists five questions that a federal federal organization shall consider in blockchain:

  1. Does the blockchain offer a real benefit for information security, trust, or transparency?
  2. Can blockchain be practically and efficiently applied?
  3. What blockchain design is most appropriate?
  4. Is the cost of applying blockchain merited relative to information gains?
  5. Does the application satisfy applicable data sharing and confidentiality laws?

These questions are not specific to the US government. A public administration in any country may use them to determine if they should opt for a proposed blockchain solution.

Distributed ledger technologies have may be used by governments for a wide variety of purposes, for ensuring food safety by tracking the origin of foodstuffs back to a producer, immutable land cadastres that do not require proof of transfer by any central authority, up to the ultimate application of blockchain, direct democracy. Our Chief Editor has authored a report on direct democracy, ‘A Blockchain Country’.