Blockchain In Retail: Status Check

  1. Deployment of own cryptocurrencies by Facebook and Amazon.
  2. ICOs replaced by IEO, STO, where tokens are backed by real assets
  3. Blockchain based business applications have matured from ideas to pilots with commitments to rollout.
  4. However many current pilots are about experimentation to prove a theory, rather then a precursor to a rollout
  5. Many large retailers, such as Carrefour experiment on their own, that is they build their own blockchain.
  6. Currently, the most visible success lies with consortiums networks, that essentially provide Blockchain-as-a-Service. It is a blockchain configured for a specific use and that anyone can join. IBM is far and away the leader here, with three major different consortiums up on the rise. Example: Food Safety Consortium, with now over 80 companies participating.

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