Lithuanian Fintech Giant Announces STO

The first and the biggest Fintech company in Lithuania, Paysera, seeks to attract 2.5 million euro from STO. The STO runs from April 30th and will close by May 21st.

Paysera can be called a pioneer of Fintech in Lithuania. The company started in 2004, and since then it has been reshaping the landscape of Lithuanian business and finance industries.

Presently, Paysera’s team consists of more than 150 people and it has more than 400,000 clients. It serves individuals and businesses, and provides a wide range of features: online and SMS payments, a mobile app for payments, money transfers, and payments using QR codes. Additionally, the enterprise runs a self-service event ticketing platform called ”Paysera Tickets.”

Read the exclusive interview to our Chief Editor by on the Paysera STO here.

While Paysera currently holds an electronic money institution license, the company is looking forward to obtaining a banking license and opening a specialized bank. Paysera is presently moderated by the Bank of Lithuania. Moreover, the company holds an international PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) certificate.

Kostas Noreika (picture), the Founder and main shareholder of the company, says that Paysera seeks a new and improved kind of banking. Banking that would suit the needs of a new generation of modern clients all around the world. In 2018, Paysera’s revenue was 9.7 million euro, making 2018 its most successful year ever. Inspired by the rapid growth and increasing needs for innovative banking, Paysera decided to accelerate its international expansion and boost its client engagement.

An STO is based on tokenised investment assets like stocks, bonds, and other securities. What makes the process unique and innovative? Unlike traditional investment, security offerings can be accounted at a brokerage firm and also registered on a digitally distributed blockchain ledger. Therefore, these digital assets are more transparent and protected from being corrupted or hacked. Many finance experts claim that security token offerings are the evolution of capital formation and can ensure higher security levels.

Current security token offerings are still on the rise in the world as many governments apply strict regulations. Although Lithuania is known to be a Mecca for blockchain-based solutions in Europe, Paysera will be among the first ones to implement a security token offering. Paysera’s representatives say that they chose this method not just for monetary gain, but more to increase the involvement and support of its customers and investors, and expand the business globally. They believe that their partners’ trust is what makes the company thrive.

As mentioned previously, the goal of Paysera’s STO is to attract private investors and raise 2.5 million euro. These securities will be tokenised and registered as smart contracts. The money is planned to be used for the company’s future enhancement. Paysera estimates that the investments will be used for:

– the e-money institution license in Bulgaria and further development;

– development and partner generation of ”Paysera Ltd”;

– getting a banking license and incorporation.

With the banking licence, the company intends to cooperate more easily with other banks, implement broader payment options, and improve their services.

Paysera is known as a market leader in the Lithuanian Fintech industry. It opened the doors for laws that are in favour of Fintech development and implementation in Lithuania. Not to mention, it strives for innovation and believes that modern banking has to be transformed to be in tune with the latest trends and consumer needs.

Paysera provides SEPA INSTANT payments, which means that transfers between almost ¼ of all SEPA banks are executed within a few seconds. As some banks allow only receiving SEPA INSTANT payments, Paysera enables to receive and make payments.

Paysera’s private clients have free transfers in euro. It also provides real-time currency conversion and allows its clients to obtain and hold many different currencies in their digital wallets.

Paysera also has integration with e-commerce shops. It offers a custom plugin, which helps to accelerate financial transactions and secure payments made on online shopping platforms.

In the present day, Paysera has three verified distributors and believes that becoming a bank will help attain even more.