Arch Real Estate Partners with Polymath

Arch Real Estate Holdings Corp has partnered with Polymath, the industry-leading security token issuance platform, as blockchain technology platform partner. This hybrid model infuses the traditional REIT investment model with the latest technology, creating a first of its kind private residential real estate investment portfolio.

“Our company was founded on the principle of bringing liquidity to an illiquid market through the use of technology. The partnership with Polymath has the transformative ability to tokenize real-world assets and give investors incredible returns.”

Kim Fernandez, COO & Co-Founder, Arch Real Estate Holdings Corp.

Arch chose Polymath as a technology partner for many reasons, some of which was the ease of use of the platform and their willingness to work with the team in further developing crucial investor related components such as a distribution module and incorporating features within the platform that many other platforms on the market do not have. These features will allow Arch to enhance the use of the platform for our investors and give an additional layer of internal controls for company management.