Mapping Out Medici Ventures’ Portfolio

Medici Ventures was launched in 2014 as a subsidiary of e-commerce platform Overstock. The firm is dedicated to investing in startups leveraging blockchain technology in their business models.

According to Jonathan Johnson, President of Medici Ventures, when deciding where to invest, the firm looks for “a management team that consists of good technologists, good industry expertise, good marketing, and sales.”

Medici Ventures has invested in 19 startups leveraging blockchain technology, mapped out here.

Payments & Banking

Bitt leverages blockchain technology to facilitate peer-to-peer mobile transactions via its software and applications

Ripio is a wallet for sending and receiving bitcoin transactions

PeerNova helps financial institutions reduce internal and external friction associated with post-trade processing

Bankorus is a blockchain banking platform enabling users to buy, sell, store, and lend digital assets

Capital Markets

tZERO is a security token trading and issuance platform

Symbiont is a smart contracts development platform for institutional financial applications

FinClusive provides a blockchain-architected digital banking, routing, and payments platform

Chainstone Labs is a security token asset management platform


IdentityMind provides identity and compliance solutions including KYC verification, sanctions screening, transaction monitoring, and AML and fraud prevention

Netki provides a fully automated solution for identity verification and compliance


Spera is a freelance platform for users to find jobs, manage their projects, and receive payment

Minds is a decentralized social media platform

Property Management

Medici Land Governance provides solutions to support land governance, titling, and administration rights which it stores on a blockchain

SettleMint develops solutions for enterprises including asset management, token issuance, and data verification

Factom provides a blockchain-as-a-service solution for enterprises to develop applications including digital identity, auditing, and compliance

Supply Chain

Vinsent is a blockchain-based winery platform

GrainChain is a blockchain platform for the agricultural industry.