Nestlé, Carrefour Work With IBM to Track Mashed Potato With Blockchain

Food giant Nestlé and supermarket chain Carrefour have partnered with IBM to use the latter’s blockchain technology to track mashed potato.

Nestlé and Carrefour, both members to IBM’s Food Trust blockchain platform, will use the technology from today to track the supply chain of Mousline, a well-known brand of instant mashed potatoes.

Shoppers will be able to scan a QR code with their smartphones to know exactly where the potatoes in a specific packet came from, as well as their journey to the specific Carrefour store.

“Using the QR code on the product’s packaging, each consumer will be able to use a secure platform on their smartphone to access information on the production supply chain, including the varieties of potato used, the dates and places of manufacture, information on quality control, and places and dates of storage before the product reaches the shelves,” the press release confirms.

The announcement comes just days after United States supermarket chain Albertsons said it was using Food Trust to track one of its products – iceberg lettuce – with the potential for more to follow.