Des Moines Truck Brokers Joins Blockchain In Transport Alliance

Des Moines Truck Brokers, Inc. (DMTB), a leading third-party logistics company, has joined the Blockchain in Transport Alliance (BiTA), an organization dedicated to developing best practices and standards for blockchain in the transportation industry. BiTA’s members include McLeod, Daimler, DAT, FedEx, SAP and Trucker Tools, among dozens of other global brands.

Blockchain is a technology that enables users to identify and track transactions digitally as well as share information across a distributed network of computers. For the transportation industry, blockchain provides the opportunity to more effectively track goods and freight across the supply chain. Blockchain also will allow transportation and logistics companies to operate in a more seamless and transparent manner. It can also help create new revenue streams and value for customers by enabling a system to complete transactions, track shipments and manage fleets.

“By joining the Blockchain in Transport Alliance, DMTB will join other leaders in the supply chain and participate in the development and use of blockchain proficiency. We believe this will be useful in contract management, freight visibility, compliance, fraud prevention, sourcing and compensation,” said Jimmy DeMatteis, President and CEO of Des Moines Truck Brokers, Inc. “We will have the opportunity to participate in the development of standards and context with other industry leaders to promote widespread implementation of this latest digital technology for the supply chain.”

“Blockchain technology will transform the supply chain by introducing greater transparency, innovation and efficiency,” said Chris Burruss, President of BiTA. “On behalf of the members of BiTA, I welcome Des Moines Truck Brokers to the Alliance. We look forward to the company’s contributions to our collective efforts.”

“DMTB is committed to its customers and carriers to be an industry leader in technology. Blockchain is coming, and BiTA is at the forefront of setting the standards we will all live by and we want to be actively involved in that planning,” said Eric Davis, Solutions Manager at DMTB.

Founded in 1969, Des Moines Truck Brokers, Inc. was one of the first 50 freight brokers in the USA. Today, DMTB is a recognized Top 100 Freight Broker and workplace in an industry that has grown to over 15,000 licensed participants. Family-owned DMTB has a heavy focus on foods and perishable goods. DMTB utilizes age-old values with bright young talent and continues to invest in technology to assure its participation at the forefront of a disruptive and always changing industry.

Founded in August 2017, BiTA has quickly grown into the largest commercial blockchain alliance in the world, with nearly 500 members that collectively generate over $1 trillion in revenue annually. BiTA members are primarily from the freight, transportation, logistics and affiliated industries. Alliance members share a common mission to develop a standards framework, educate the market on blockchain applications and encourage the use of those applications. BiTA has offices in Chattanooga, Tennessee and London.