BlockPark Unveils Lucrative Tokenization Project In Las Vegas

BlockPark Technologies unveiled that they are presenting one of the more lucrative high-tech real estate projects in the Las Vegas area called, “The DT57 Towers.” The development is located in the downtown Las Vegas area, and presents a very unique investment opportunity for those that understand the profitability of new technological advancements. In particular, they are utilizing their proprietary decentralized property management software, and unique real estate investment platform.

The owners of the “THE DT57” project is currently looking for accredited investors that can purchase what are called, BLOK tokens through BlockPark Technologies STO (Security Token Offering) sale. The tokens are dividend bearing securities designed to seed the initial portion of this project, hard capped at $4.4 million. By making an investment toward achieving this goal, 100% of your investment will be used as secured equity in the development of the DT57 Towers project. In addition, BlockPark Technologies is offering 10x your initial investment in BLOK tokens that represent a share of stock in the company. The company develops decentralized property management software using blockchain technology that implements its native BLOK tokens in the BlockPark ecosystem. The tokens are a dividend bearing security that represent an ownership interest in the development of the DT57 Towers, and earn revenue based on the total income BlockPark Technologies nets by selling software subscriptions to other property owners and management companies whose assets become part of the same ecosystem.

For those that are not aware of how security tokens work in blockchain, they represent an ownership amount of the company the same way traditional securities are held. Security tokens also have a hybrid functionality that allows them to be used as a method of payment within an ecosystem, while also representing shares of stock in the company. In this case, BlockPark Technologies allows tenants to pay rent and receive credits in the form of BLOK tokens which empowers them to own and invest in their communities without having actual ownership of the properties they live in. Tenants are now rewarded for paying rent on time, and in theory, will have more pride in their communities knowing that they can make money simply by paying their rent.

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The best aspect of this investment is the equity play in the high-rises that will be constructed. This will include a couple 15 story towers which can be used for a variety of reasons, including street-level retail space that will be available. The DT57 is expected to have over 30,000 square feet of coworking space that ownership plans to attract a company like WeWork, or similar types of coworking management companies who invest in community startups. On the rooftop, there will be a pool, restaurant, tavern and over 10,000 square feet of open terrace for pop-ups, events, and other activities open to the community. It is located in downtown Las Vegas, which has seen a big resurgence of trendy new restaurants, bars, and entertainment that go along with everything else Las Vegas has to offer which makes it attractive. With all the growth downtown Las Vegas has seen over the last 10 years, renting out the 250 residential units should be easy to do, creating an almost instant revenue stream for those that make this initial investment once the project is complete.

BlockPark Technologies Inc is one of the more innovative businesses that is looking at blockchain technology as a way of creating a lucrative business model. The coupling of the construction project of the towers, the community aspect of the live work concept, and the use of blockchain dividend bearing security tokens in a real estate investment platform makes this one of the more unique business propositions on the market today. It may mark the wave of the future as a ground-floor opportunity for those that will invest in this technology. Once they have reached the maximum number of accredited investors, this opportunity will likely be closed off to the general public or businesses that want to invest. Any accredited investor considering the potential upside of a tech company, and the security of a real estate company should contact BlockPark Technologies.