Health Rewards Platform To Hold STO

Healthereum, a blockchain-based platform for patients in the healthcare industry, will be holding their own STO. STOs in the healthcare industry are still relatively rarer than other sectors, so if successful Healthereum may set a new precedent.

The STO will occur at the same time Healthereum releases their HELIO platform which is currently in beta version. The HELIO platform runs on Healthereum Tokens (HLTH) which allows for communication between healthcare practitioners and patients. Patients receive token rewards for completing tasks like surveys, reviews, and verifying appointments. The data collected will be used to improve the healthcare system.

The HELIO dApp will also rely on biometric authentication. This means that users will be able to access a host of information that is extremely sensitive. This additional security feature will prevent theft.

Healthereum also plans to implement a patient feedback channel, rating system, emergency services, and various other advanced features.

The STO itself begins $0.10 per token with each token representing a single non-voting unit. Crowdfunding is currently underway.