Tokenomica Asset Exchange Utilizes Blockpass for the KYC

The Tokenomica, established as a digital asset exchange a startup in Malta has just gone ahead to announce that they have gotten into a partnership with the Blockpass.

The Blockpass is a digital identity service and application which has been able to provide a cost-effective and a streamlined user onboarding process that can be used for the regulated industries together with any type of online business that is available.

With the Blockpass application, a user of the platform will be able to store, create, manage a secure data digital identity that will quickly be used on the entire ecosystem or services or for the simple use for token purchases.

The Tokenomica was incorporated in Malta and has been able to take advantage of the jurisdiction the forward think approach around the crypto that they have been able to adopt. The company has been operating in a licensed and regulated exchange, acknowledged by the regulators of Malta.

The Tokenomica has built on top of the Waves blockchain has been able to carry out some extensive work still and proper check on the VFAs, the platform is able to adequately list the highest tokens that are used for the trades.

The company has also recently launched a Beta version of their Security Token Issuance Platform. It was designed to provide users with a fully compliant solution that can be used for the Security Token Offerings, and has been able to also offer an automatic tool which can be used in the design of security tokens. All you will need is to follow the simple steps that have been provided on the platform, and from this, you will have designed your own security token.

“We are excited to announce this new partnership with Tokenomica. Regulated and reliable exchanges are vital to realize the benefits that cryptocurrencies and blockchain bring, and STOs are increasingly becoming an integral part of these ecosystems as they revolutionize the way we conduct business. In working with other companies in the field of STOs, we are developing an important area in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, and we look forward to working with Tokenomica to provide simple, secure and compliant access to both exchanges and STOs.’’ Adam Vaziri, CEO of Blockpass.