Australia’s First End-to-End STO Platform Launched

Australia’s leading crypto- and blockchain-related educational platform and consultancy, Nugget’s News, partner with security tokenization startup Konkrete to launch the country’s first end-to-end solution for security token offerings (STOs).

The partnership with Konkrete provides Australian entrepreneurs with the opportunity “to create a compliant security token issuing for investors in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and the United States.”

The partnership appears a highly complementary one. Nugget’s News has substantial mindshare among local crypto enthusiasts, which bodes well regarding the new end-to-end STO solution’s ability to generate a sizeable amount inbound interest. Konkrete, on the other hand, brings with them the relevant technical know-how and experience tokenizing securities in a manner that is legally compliant in Australia and various other jurisdictions.

Underscoring this synergy was Nugget’s News founder and CEO, Alex Saunders (on the photo above), stated:

Nugget’s News has long been helping Australian blockchain-based startups reach their potential. As the industry and its regulations continue evolving, it is great to be able to join forces with a team as diligent and experienced as Konkrete to know we are launching securities in a fully compliant fashion.”

By utilising the combined skills of Nugget’s News and Konkrete, clients looking to launch an STO can expect to receive assistance in areas associated with “project development, security tokenisation, issuance, legal compliance, along with a host of other support services,” the blog post went on to state.