Vanbex Group and Entoro Partner for Blockchain Based STO Management

The Vanbex Group, which is a blockchain technology service has just announced the strategic alliance partnership with Entoro, a global investment, financial and banking service company.

Entoro was licensed as a broker-dealer, one that is now joining a growing roster of different companies that have gone ahead to partner with Vanbex. These are companies that have come together to utilize the deep understanding that Vanbex has gained of the blockchain technology and the security token offering space, also referred to as the STO.

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With the partnership in place, it will allow both parties to be able to introduce the prospects and clients that will be able to benefit from the different services together with expertise that the parties are able to provide.

“It’s rare to meet a broker-dealer with as much knowledge about blockchain as they have in-house,” says Lisa Cheng, Founder of Vanbex Group. “We are very excited to work with Entoro.”

The Entoro company has been established as a company that provides different services and advice to the broad growth-oriented and established businesses that are spread across the globe.

The company has ensured to get experienced professionals who are able to offer sector expertise across different services that are within the banking, fixed income and the equities that are within South America, Europe, Americas, Asia, and the Middle East.

The company is able to provide strategic and financial advisory services; this is the likes of Mergers and acquisition, capital formations, acquisitions and the developments, equity or equity-linked financing, leverage financing, offering recapitalization solutions and restructuring.

“Entoro is excited to work with Vanbex and appreciate their deep understanding of blockchain technology. The partnership between Vanbex and Entoro will enable companies using OfferBoard to utilize Vanbex’s Rocket 2.0 product in an intuitive and seamless interface for asset issuance, administration, and interfacing with the secondary market. Providing issuers with vetted and trustworthy solutions that lower the barriers to entry and minimize friction is Entoro’s highest priority.”