DX.Exchange: We See Good Pick Up Volume In Digital Stock

Tokenization of Amazon, Facebook, Google and Tesla stock by DX.Exchange rocked the world of traditional finance. Where will the next revolution come from? Daniel Skowronski, DX-Exchange CEO, elaborates in an exclusive interview with our Chief Editor:

Q) Quite a few exchanges pop up in the token world, however nobody has attracted so much attention as DX-Exchange. What’s the secret, how did you manage to achieve this degree of recognition?

There are a lot of gaps between the old world and the new digital world. DX aims to bridge this gap through strong partnerships and innovative products like our digital stocks and ETF’s. We strive to push the industry forward and that sometimes means doing something unconventional or doing something that most think can’t be done. There are excuses why the crypto industry can’t move forward, and at DX we will continue to innovate while staying compliant within our legal jurisdictions. This has allowed DX to be more creative and I believe this is the main reason we have gained so much attention.

Q) In the mass media, you are often connected to Nasdaq, sometimes they call you Nasdaq-powered, sometimes Nasdaq-owned, sometimes Nasdaq-backed. Can you please the nature of your connection to Nasdaq?

Nasdaq is a technology partner with DX.Exchange. DX has licensed the Nasdaq matching engine and surveillance technology, to ensure that our traders receive the most highly regarded, state of the art trading environment available today. This is the same technology used in over 70 traditional exchanges around the world.

Q) You have recently described your corporate mission as ‘trade the untradeable’. Will you elaborate on it, what does it mean?

With the aid of fractionalized ownership with our digital stocks and ETF’s, the demand for a cross-border, cross-platform digital asset exchange is a huge opportunity. These new digital assets and services are not just for the middle and upper class as it is today in the old world, but also to the bottom billion around the world. This creates a huge opportunity for DX.Exchange to serve a demand that local and international brands cannot meet due to technology and regulation restrictions. For example, Indonesia is the third largest user of Facebook in the world, but Facebook ownership is basically zero. This is mostly due to the inability to access the shares of Facebook and the cost of a single share. But now Indonesians can get easy access to the DX platform and invest as little as $10 in Facebook. That might not seem like much in the developed world but multiply that by 100 million people and that is real wealth created that wasn’t there before.

Q) How does it go so far, can you disclose some key figures, or describe your progress otherwise?

We are in the last few weeks of our beta launch and we are starting to see growth in our userbase. In the last few weeks we have seen more clients coming on from the developing nations and purchasing the digital stocks such as Google and Amazon. We are very encouraged that we have found something special here.

Q) You hit quite a few headlines when you promised to digitize and trade share of the US tech giants. What are the first outcomes in trading with digitized shares of Facebook, Google and Tesla? Is the interest high? Any conclusions you drew in the process?

At first, I think traders didn’t know what to think about the new digital stocks. I think most were still trying to understand “what am I actually trading”? This is precisely why we opened in a soft launch as we knew there would be a learning curve to these new products. But now that some time has passed, we are seeing good pick up in volume not just from the higher value traders but also from emerging markets as well. A lot of feedback we have had is that traders that are heavily invested in crypto could only hedge themselves with a stable coin with no real room for appreciation. But now they can purchase real world stocks with it and get a better return on their digital assets.

Q) Recently, you have announced the launch of trading in other companies’, security tokens. Please describe the current status and your plans. Which tokens do you have listed already, with whom are you in negotiations? What kind of volume do you expect to reach in 2019?

We are now in the process of taking listing applications to have their STO’s trade in DX Exchanges new Security Token Marketplace for professional investors. In the coming weeks we will begin listing new STO’s available for trading in the secondary market. Announcements coming soon.

7) You have also just announced ‘In Good We Trust’ token, your own security token. What can buyers of IGWT Token expect in return?

IGWT is DX.Exchange security token that will allow investors to earn 10% of revenue of the exchange. In addition, should there be an exit in the future, security token holders will also have the rights to 10% of the proceeds of any exit.

Q) To me, your strength lies in rather unexpected, yet simple and totally cut-through ideas. What else do you have up your sleeve? Please tell our readers first!

Well if we told you then it wouldn’t be “unexpected” now would it? But what we can say is that we have some very exciting news around new partnerships and more cutting edge blockchain based products coming out very soon.

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