DigiShares STO Platform Now Operational

DigiShares can finally demonstrate an operational software platform for Security Token Offerings.

The platform is now undergoing final testing but can be showcased to interested parties.

The platform handles the issuance and ongoing management of security tokens relating to one specific issuer, enabling the administrator to verify investors according to KYC/AML, create new tokens, transfer tokens to investors, re-issue lost tokens, maintain an overview of the shareholder register, conduct votes, distribute dividends, etc.

The platform is intended as a shareholder management system for companies that either want to raise capital via tokenized equity crowdfunding or tokenize their existing shares in order to create better liquidity for their existing shareholders.

Dr Claus Scaaning, Digishares Founder, is on the photo above.

Dr Scaaning has kindly agreed to give us an exclusive interview, to be published soon.