Malaysian RHB Bank Rolls Our Digital Tokens for Businesses

In a statement released today, the Malaysian RHB Bank said that it would be rolling out “digital tokens” for SEMs and corporations.

The expansion is part of the new RHB Reflex platform will provide digital authentication services for businesses. The goal of the tokens is to provide a “convenient and seamless experience without compromising security levels,” the statement reads.

The tokens will be embedded into the RHB Reflex Mobile Banking App. This means that one device will securely be able to access multiple entities or companies through KYC and AML procedures.

Currently, RBH Reflex has some 100,000 SME and corporate customers; the bank said they plan to reach 130,000 customers by end of 2019.

Although the details on how this token will work are still murky, it is expected that the token will serve as a way to authenticate services. There is also the potential that the token will be fungible, although the details are yet to be announced.

The announcement by RHB comes at a time when security tokens in Malaysia are booming. So, the news should come as no surprise. Recently, ICOs in Malaysia were officially deemed security token offerings. And earlier this month, one of the first licensed STO venues in Asia recently was announced in Malaysia.