Tokeny and Archax Partner to Provide Safe Market for Digital Security Tokens

Tokeny, a B2B solutions provider for digitized securities has announced a partnership with Archax, a London token securities exchange.

Tokeny and Archax complement each other, because Tokeny issues security tokens whereas Archax is essentially a platform for the secondary trading of such tokens.

Luc Falempin, the CEO of Tokeny, says both partners are sure that blockchain technology will bring drastic changes to capital markets. Luc stated that Tokeny will issue compliant security tokens while Archax will bring the tokens to the end consumer.

Graham Rodford, the CEO of Archax, says that his company targets institutional investors, intetested in security tokens rather then cryptocurrencies. That is why Archax partners with Tokeny that can issue security tokens to be listed in their platform. Graham concluded that the tokenization of real-world assets will result in better liquidity and will create secondary markets.