VMC On Stellar Blockchain Announces STO in the Netherlands

VMC employs AI to solve problems associated with mass mobility. It does this by amassing funds through a crowd sale many say is the Netherland’s first Security Token Offering.

Using the capital that will be raised from this crowd sale, VMC plans to develop a blockchain-powered solution tailored to capture a portion of the massive $500 billion mass transportation market.

VMC officials plan on using the popular Stellar blockchain network to digitize and streamline the payment systems for this venture.

They will effectively oversee the inception of Netherlands’s first crypto-and-blockchain-powered mobility solution. What’s more, it is no secret that the technology can also be leveraged for anything ranging as far rideshare airlines or taxi-sharing apps.

The company is to launch its own security token labeled as VMC-ST.

According to VMC, the instantly scalable, lightning-fast and incredibly energy-efficient properties of the Stellar network made it a good option for the implementation of this VMC token system.

In the past, the VMC team has cooperated with Deutsche Bahn and Arriva to design a blockchain-powered bus. The startup is expected to structure and build a new mobility-based platform via a new age duel-token financial system.

In this case, fees will now be charged directly through the platform original utility token. This also implies that investors and other stake holders will be expected to get a stake in the company through acquiring VMC-ST security tokens.

The holders and investors of VMC-ST will stand a chance of receiving close to 40% returns that will be based squarely on the length of time that the token is held and the rewards system for those who are short-term investors.

Furthermore, instead of just sharing profits as it is usually the case with other conventional securities, the new VMC has plans of rewarding investors with revenue that is flowing directly after being sourced from user fee transactions. The company will additionally distribute proceeds emanating from its newly-launched open-source platform.

Jochem Verheul, VMC CEO, is on the photo above