SmartLands, a Stellar Based Security Token Platform, Acquires Shojin Financial Services

SmartLands, a stellar based global platform dealing in the issuance of security tokens, has bought a major stake in Shojin Financial Services Ltd (SFS). The acquisition would allow SmartLands to officially foray into the space of accredited private and institutional investors and allow these investors to make an investment on its platform. The Firm is set to offer its first security token backed by UK real-estate.

SFS is a London-based investment firm which received an investment license from the British Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), this allowed SFS to raise capital through crowd-funding globally.

Crowdfunding has become a popular method of capital raising in recent times and the new age methodology has attracted the attention of individual investors, professional and institutional investors as well as other entities involved in capital raising.

Arnoldas Nauseda, the CEO at SmartLand (on the photo above) was quite optimistic over the acquisition of SFS, and here is what he has to say about the recent investment,

“The fact that SFS posses the kind of license necessary for the SmartLand Business model to flourish is not the only reason behind the acquisition. We are proud to share SFS’s values and vision for the development of financial network across the world. The firm also has a pool of classic investors that the SFS team has been developing since 2017. Now thanks to the SmartLand proprietary technology, these investors have the opportunity to invest in the digital ownership of real assets secured on one of the most powerful and secured blockchain, Stellar.”

Viktor Krikotin, the SmartLand Strategy advisor believes that the stake in SFS is the last brick in the wall for the SmartLand platform. This makes SmartLand one of the only fully regulated platform for the issuance of security tokens.

The Stellar network which the SmarLand platform is based on would help the platform to provide faster issuance and great scalability as well.

Smartland has invited asset managers, asset owners, and various investment firms to make full use of its proprietary mechanism for modern day crowd-funding investments.

Jatin Ondhia, the CEO of SFS on the deal with SmartLand:

”We are very excited with our partnership. It is now apparent that the future lies in tokenization of property assets and other liquid alternatives investments. Now all our clients can move towards investing in the blockchain, which makes the trade on the open market fast, cheap and transparent.”