81-c Launches Global Value Creation Platform with First Entrepreneur-Backed STO

81-c, an operating company that is pioneering entrepreneurship as an asset class, announces its launch today with a Regulation Crowdfunding (Reg. CF) campaign on the nation’s leading equity crowdfunding platform, StartEngine.

81-c is the industry-first entrepreneur-backed Security Token Offering. Today the company is also naming Williams Grant Writing as the first venture to be identified and onboarded in to the 81-c ecosystem.

The 81-c model is accessible to everyone from day one through the Reg CF campaign live now on StartEngine. To date, no other entrepreneur-backed STO has been offered on a public marketplace.

For 81-c’s founders, Dan Abbate and Jessica Merrell (on the photo above), the newly formed company represents a solution that will contribute to the global challenge of financial inclusion by growing entrepreneur-led businesses that would normally never be available to the public. The problem is traditionally two-fold: retail investors cannot invest in private, entrepreneurial businesses, and private, entrepreneurial businesses do not have the resources to gain access to market capital outside of traditional and alternative lenders.

“81-c is about making value creation accessible to everyone. One of the greatest sources of value creation, across generations, is entrepreneurship,” says Jessica Merrell, co-founder of 81-c. “Yet, it remains out of reach for most people to invest in this economic engine that powers the global economy. For entrepreneurs of SMEs, we provide access to the advantages of a public market where once there was none. Ultimately, we are creating a global community without financial prejudice or barriers so that everyone can live the life they choose.”

In addition to the availability of its Reg. CF offering, 81-c is announcing today the on-boarding of its first business unit to scale, Williams Grant Writing (WGW). WGW is a family-owned grant writing company based in South Florida founded by Kelly Williams. Incorporated in 2015, WGW is comprised of a team that works together to produce quality grant proposals and reports, research new grant opportunities, and help nonprofits meet their grant-getting potential. 81-c will support WGW by refining business processes, optimizing technology and identifying how WGW could grow through acquisition in the same or complementing verticals. With this first business unit selected and on-boarded, 81-c plans to add up to 20 business units into its operation by the end of 2020.

Tokenized securities are poised to be a game-changer for financial and business ownership models. 81-c will utilize a security token using blockchain technology as the issuance and management mechanism and is well positioned to take advantage of this relatively new approach to equity issuance and management, based on the JOBS Act from 2012. STOs are a federally regulated investment vehicle and are emerging as a valuable alternative to private equity and venture capital financing.

“With the launch of 81-c’s regulation Crowdfunding offering, we are introducing the first entrepreneur-backed STO, creating a new model for everyday investors and entrepreneurs within our ecosystem of business units,” says Dan Abbate, co-founder of 81-c. “Our company works through constant growth and expansion. By continually identifying new areas for our entrepreneurs to target for success, we’re able to add capital and scale. Ultimately, our business model benefits three groups of people: our entrepreneurs, employees of our business units, and our investors.”

81-c is the first public company to pioneer entrepreneurship as an asset class enabling anyone in the world to invest in entrepreneur-led businesses through a security token offering (STO). Currently accepting investment through a regulation crowdfund (Reg CF) campaign on StartEngine, tokens will represent a share of equity in the entire 81-c portfolio of companies. Based in West Palm Beach, FL, 81-c is actively seeking entrepreneurs looking to scale or exit their business.