Malta Digital Exchange Integrates with Stock Exchange

MDX has moved to the premises of the Malta Stock Exchange in preparation for the launch of its regulated digital exchange division.

MDX says the move is in line with its mission to build a world-class security token and cryptoassets exchange in Malta’s financial hub.

In a bid to position itself strategically for the impending launch of its world-class digital assets exchange, Malta Digital Exchange (MDX) has moved its operations to the premises of the Malta Stock Exchange.

Malta Digital Exchange, a platform whose primary objective is to make it easier for people to buy and sell digital assets, trade cryptocurrency and security tokens under a regulated environment with cutting-edge technology, has moved to the same premises with the Malta Stock Exchange.

The MDX stated that the move is part of preparations for the official launch of its digital exchange division, which promises to offer users a regulated platform for trading securities tokens as well as cryptocurrencies in the Maltese financial epicentre.

“Our move to the Maltese Stock Exchange means that we are now physically positioned to be at the heart of the next wave of institutional financial innovation,” said founder and executive chairman of MDX, Rick Klink.

MDX to operate under the Maltese VFA act
If all goes as planned, the MDX will facilitate regulated trading of cryptocurrencies, security tokens and other virtual financial assets under the definitions of the Maltese Virtual Financial Assets Act (VFA).

The MDX has also applied for a securities license that would enable it to run a secondary market for digital securities trading.

In 2018, the government of Malta introduced the Virtual Financial Assets Act (The VFA Act).

The VFA is aimed at sanitising the region’s crypto industry by putting in place robust and amenable guidelines that protect consumer interest while also providing an enabling environment for blockchain-linked businesses, initial coin offerings (ICOs), brokerages and others to thrive.