Iconiq Announces Strategic Partnership With Masternode Fund, INDX

Key players in the emerging token security space are putting their weight behind the INDX passive income security token. Iconiq Lab, Swarm, TYR Capital and London Block Exchange have all joined to support INDX. INDX is aimed at qualified investors wishing to improve on the returns offered by traditional stocks and bonds.

INDX CEO, Jonathan Decarteret adds, “Investors want to capture the exceptional profits from crypto, without exposure to its heart-stopping risk and volatility. Our Masternode solution distributes regular proceeds to those investors seeking a passive exposure.”

INDX have achieved this by focusing on an asset class called Masternodes. These can be viewed as the next generation of mining, but without expensive hardware and power costs. However, just like mining, Masternodes receive a reward for verifying network transactions, which INDX collects and distributes to INDX token holders, as explained in their launch video.

INDX CIO, Rayyan Fathallah summarizes, “This is the crypto market maturing. An asset-backed token which pays out a regular passive income and is regulatory compliant.”

Global VC & Accelerator Iconiq Lab, led by Patrick Lowry, has taken an equity and token stake in INDX. In addition, Iconiq will be publishing a thorough due diligence report on INDX’s business and proprietary technology as well as supporting them with asset management technology solutions. Lukasz Musialski, Portfolio Director at Iconiq Lab, comments: “Complex technology and financial solutions are required in order to manage a portfolio of Masternodes. We believe that INDX can bring simplification and accessibility to this new emerging asset class.”

Swarm, based in Palo Alto, are supporting INDX with their STO infrastructure to issue compliant digital securities. Their MAP protocol ensures a dynamic register of the cap table and qualification of investor requirements. This will allow the INDX token to be freely traded on regulated secondary exchanges and give token holders liquidity.

“The team at INDX not only brings an important new category of investment opportunity to the blockchain, but does so in an innovative way, bolstering the expertise of their experienced team with the latest in machine learning to unlock the potential value of masternode investment. Swarm is thrilled to partner with INDX by providing the technology and infrastructure to bring their STO to market.” — Swarm Co-Founder and CIO Timo Lehes.

Mayfair (UK) based Tyr Capital Partners, which earlier this year launched their flagship arbitrage fund, are partnering with INDX to direct their trading strategies and execute their hedging programme. “Tyr has been working closely with INDX over the last 6 months and their Masternode expertise is well matched by our long-standing trading pedigree.” — Tyr CEO, Nick Norris.

London Block Exchange closes the loop on the INDX offering, paving the way for a fully tradable security token on what will become a regulated exchange. Closely collaborating to understand the compliance framework and digital protocols, LBX CEO Benjamin Dives says, “We are on track for INDX to be one of our launch tokens, when our security token exchange goes live”

18 months in the planning, INDX’s proprietary tech scans the market, selects and hosts a risk-managed portfolio of Masternodes and collects the rewards. Each quarter, 50% of net yields are paid directly to token holders’ wallets. The remaining 50% is re-invested back into the portfolio to grow the token value on exchanges. INDX COO, Gareth Ward summarizes, “The Masternode landscape has exploded from a few hundred individual Masternodes in 2017 to over 250,000 today. Our trial portfolio is achieving yields of around 130%, although we would expect that figure to come down for the final deployed fund as we scale up.”