Desico Platform Gets First Client

Desico, a platform for security token offerings (STO), has added Paysera as its first client. The Paysera STO is scheduled for April and will be open to retail investors.

Paysera is a fintech payment solution system with a vast network of banking partners and a presence in several European countries. It offers solutions for e-shops, currency exchanges, debit cards, global money transfers, event ticketing services, retail, entertainment, and virtual reality micropayments.

Paysera is a functioning operation with significant annual earnings, and the STO will expose potential investors to a successful business. Unlike other large European STOs, it will also provide an opportunity for retail investment. In other cases, such as Neufund, the sale was reserved for large-scale buyers.

Any investment in the STO will be capped at 7,500 euro to allow retail investors exposure without creating the so-called “whales,” or big stakeholders.

The onboarding of Paysera will also trigger new processes at DESICO, with the platform relaunches its site and preparing to start the trading. DESICO will also aim to build a lively, liquid secondary market for the investments. The project has issued its own token, DESI, which is expected to become tradable on the upcoming security token exchange.

In the meantime, DESICO has also announced partnerships with Blocktrade and, attempting to create a group of operators interested in promoting the security token industry in Europe and across the world.

Security tokens are still limited as a form of fundraising since the process is much more involved. For now, the US and Europe are leading with several offers, but live trading for the actual tokens is limited. Assets for tokenization involve business shares, real estate, commodities, and, in some cases, cash in a bank, the latter backing stablecoins, which are a private case of asset-backed tokens.