Fintelum Goes Live with Security Token Platform

The development has been completed on the Fintelum Platform. The resulting product from their efforts is a polished ‘toolkit’ that facilitates the ICO/STO process for token issuers, in a regulatory compliant manner.

The platform will provide the following services:

  • Token creation via the Ethereum blockchain
  • KYC/AML compliance measures
  • Escrow/Custodian services
  • Transfer agent

The Fintelum platform is a comprehensive one, which strives to satisfy the needs of both token issuers and investors.

To get where they are today, Fintelum underwent an approval process with the Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU), in 2018. Upon completion of this process, Fintelum was awarded multiple licenses.

  • Providing services of exchanging a virtual currency against a fiat currency
  • Virtual currency wallet services

Fintelum is comprised of multiple individuals well versed in the world of blockchain. Here is a brief look at those leading the way at Fintelum.

Fintelum Goes Live with Security Token Platform

Liza Aizupiete – Managing Director

An alumni of the University of Geneva, Liza Aizupiete brings to Fintelum a wealth of experience from her time as the co-founder and managing directors of crypto exchange, Globitex. This experience is being leveraged, as she is tasked with overseeing product development, marketing, and various other company roles.

Arvis Ermins – Legal and Compliance Director

Fintelum Goes Live with Security Token Platform

An alumni of the University of Latvia, Arvis Ermins brings expertise in both legal and regulatory environments. This expertise was garnered through past dealings with companies such as Deloitte and the Constitutional Court of Latvia.

Fintelum Goes Live with Security Token Platform

Maris Kaneps – Director and Head of IT

As the former Head of IT at Globitex, Maris Kaneps transitioned to Fintelum alongside his colleagues discussed above. This transition saw Maris Kaneps maintain his role as Head of IT. He is well equipped for this position, as he holds a Master’s Degree in Engineering Sciences in Computer Systems.

In their press release, Liza Aizupiete, Managing Director of Fintelum, took the time to comment on the development, stating, “By advancing tokenisation of assets and businesses, we are precipitating the change in the capital markets and financial industry as a whole.”

Fintelum is an Estonian based financial services company, which was founded in 2018. The company is comprised of like-minded individuals that saw the potential of the burgeoning STO sector, and set out to develop a product to service it.