OuroX CEO: We Want To Become The Largest Financial Institution In the Region

Her company launches the first security token offering in Latin America and the Caribbean. It is invaluable to talk to someone with hands on experience in tokenization Maya Parbhoe, CEO of OuroX, answers to the questions of our Chief Editor:

Q) Let’s start with OuroX. Was the original idea to work with security tokens? How did you come to it?

Well I started as a trader. I read an article that the US built a 21 trillion dollar economy on Wall Street. I researched financial markets, because I was curious. I then researched my own region and was curious why there were no modern exchanges that are readily available and operate regionally. And if you’re going to be building an exchange, why not use the latest technology? Blockchain and smart contracts are more efficient and secure. If we’re going to be creating financial infrastructure, why use outdated technology?

Q) You are one of the first in tokenization in Latin America. Is pioneering heavy?

It’s quite heavy. There’s a steep learning curve. And a lot of talks with regulators and financial institutions. But the response has been amazing. We initially expected a lot of push back. But banks and financial institutions are actually pretty excited about FinTech solutions and we’ve got a lot in the pipeline. We’ve got some exciting news coming the next few months.

Q) In Latin America and in the Caribbeans, what kind of digital assets are most popular currently. What will be popular in the forseeable future?

Crypto currencies are primarily traded. We plan to digitize multiple assets in the region. Enabling local citizens to invest in local companies.

Q) People tend to operate in trillions when they talk about the future of digital assets. How do you see the market in 1,3,5 years: volumes, functionality of platforms?

I believe that digital assets will operate in multi trillions. Just some of the digital assets that we plan to launch should see large trading volumes in the region. We’ll be creating financial instruments that are specific to the region.

Q) In some press stories, they describe your corporate ambitions quite high. Do you aim high in your strategy?
What does OuroX want to become long term?

We aim high in our strategy and have multiple goals and milestones in place that will help us achieve those goals. We have a plan A,B,C all the way to Z. I have a great team that is equipped to execute. Our long term strategy is to become the largest financial institution of the region.

Q) How do you want to achieve it?

We’re currently raising capital on StartEngine to grow and scale in the region. And to be able to get licenses in multiple jurisdictions. We plan to obtain licenses in Europe, the US and Singapore. We know that this isn’t a small undertaking. We’ve done the research and we have prepared for this for the past 2 years. We are committed, we are experienced, we have the network, the drive and the perseverance to achieve our goals.